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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Car Salesman Allegedly Swiped Pastor's Wife's Nude Photos From Phone

Above, Matthew Luke Thomas by the Grapevine Police Department.

Just when you think you've heard it all, something new and bizarre comes along to dispel that notion.

From The Dallas Morning News:
A year ago, Tim and Claire Gautreaux walked into a car dealership in Grapevine to buy a new Prius. They say the car-buying process was what you'd expect: long and tedious. 
But what happened behind the scenes is now the focus of a lawsuit against the dealership and a former sales director, who also faces criminal charges. 
Police believe Matthew Luke Thomas, the car sales director, found nude photos of Claire Gautreaux on her husband's phone and forwarded them to an email address for a swingers' website.  
Thomas, 44, is charged in Tarrant County with computer security breach, a class B misdemeanor. This week, the Gautreauxs filed suit against Thomas, Texas Toyota of Grapevine and Toyota Motor North America in a Dallas County court, alleging breach of contract, intrusion, negligence and public disclosure of private facts. 
Tim Gautreaux, 29, is a pastor at Hope Fellowship in Frisco. His wife works in retail management. The couple went to Texas Toyota in January 2015.
Well, at least the photos were of the good pastor's wife and not somebody else.

And, of course, this is topped off with attorney Gloria Allred representing the pastor and his wife.

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