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Thursday, December 29, 2016

What?! No Disc Coffee Filters?

One of the things I bought at R.E.I. the other day was a Stanley Adventure 6-cup stainless percolator camping coffee pot.

Although I do have a drip coffee maker in The Beast, it is only useful when the RV is hooked up to electrical service at a campground or while running the generator. Otherwise, if I am at a dry campground and don't wish to tick off other campers with generator noise, I have to settle for some instant coffee. The days of instant coffee at camp are over since I bought the percolator.

There was one thing that I discovered after buying the percolator, and that is the difficulty in finding a place that sells 3.5" coffee filter discs. All the places I checked around the San Fernando Valley seems to only sell basket-type coffee filters.

This forced me to go online to find a vendor who sells disc coffee filters for percolators. I ordered 100 of them through Amazon.com yesterday. The filters will arrive January 3. 

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