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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Boy Scouts of America Come To The Rescue

Last evening, I was loading the new motorhome with equipment that has been stored for about 20 years since I last had a motorhome.

One of the items I put into the storage bay of the motorhome was my Dutch oven. I last used it about 8 years ago at a Clampout to make a peach cobbler. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the pair of pliers (with a hook on the end) that's made especially for use with Dutch ovens.

So, I began to Google around for a replacement. All of the Dutch oven lid lifters that popped up looked nothing like what I had before. To me, they all looked like branding irons used by cattle ranchers. Prices were $12.00 and up.

Here's an example:

Then, I came upon an idea: check with the Boy Scouts of America's online store!

Once I got into the BSA online store, it wasn't long when I found what I was after. It's now on order.

Here it is:

In the BSA online catalog, they are listed as Hot Pot Tongs. They are no bigger than a pair of pliers (which is important as space is at a premium in motorhomes) and they only cost $4.98.  I think I bought the previous one through the BSA when I was a Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster.

The Boy Scouts are a great source for buying camping equipment. And, their prices are reasonable.

To check out the BSA online store, go to http://www.scoutstuff.org/

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