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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Filled The Gas Tank Today

Above, the Jamestown, New Mexico Flying J Travel Center. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

It is a good thing that I only have to fill the gas tank to my Mustang about once a month. Otherwise, I would be giving up too much hard cash to the oil companies. The Mustang averages around 30 mpg.

Today, I filled the Mustang's gas tank. The price for gas in Gallup yesterday was $4.049 and the gas price at the Flying J yesterday was $4.059. Today, the gas price went up a penny at the Flying J to $4.069. But with my Good Sam Club Pilot/Flying J discount, the price was reduced to $4.019. 

As I needed 11.689, the total cost was $46.98. That's roughly double the normal price of gasoline in New Mexico. 

One may laugh at the nickel-per-gallon discount from the Good Sam Club at Pilot/Flying J station, but in these times of overpriced gasoline, every little bit helps. 

Despite everything, at least the gas prices here in New Mexico are much lower than in California, who is about to hike their gas taxes this summer. 

California Democrats will hike the state's gas tax by 3 cents per gallon on July 1st. 

The average gas price in California is already $5.74.

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