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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Road Trip Travel Insurance

Above, St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center, where I was air ambulanced
 during an RV trip to Wells, Nevada in 2018. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Travel insurance. Most people, including me, think of it as coverage for unexpected incidences that could occur while traveling overseas.

But, there is also travel insurance for domestic travel by car or RV as well. It could have come in handy when I had my medical emergency four years ago in Wells, Nevada. Luckily, I had medical coverage that covered everything, including the air ambulance. If I had paid for any RV parks or attractions in advance, road trip travel insurance would have reimbursed me if I had it.

The Points Guy takes a look at this kind of insurance and tells why travelers should purchase it.

They begin with:

If you’re planning to pack up a car or RV this summer for your version of the Great American Road Trip, consider adding one thing to your packing list: road-trip-specific travel insurance.

Throughout the pandemic, many people have been purchasing travel insurance, most commonly used for high-ticket foreign-travel journeys in order to cover potential medical emergencies or protect high-cost trip investments.

However, an increasing number of people are considering travel insurance for domestic, land-based vacations.

“People tend to only think about travel insurance when they’re flying abroad — but when you’re on the road, perhaps hundreds of miles away from home, there are things that can go wrong that could wind up costing you a lot of money,” said Carol Mueller, vice president at Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection. “Road-trippers should be thinking about protecting their investment in their vacation.”

The Points Guy looked at some travel insurance companies to explore the latest insurance options on the market. Here’s a guide to why these products might be a worthwhile addition to your summer road trip.

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