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Sunday, May 8, 2022

RV Economists: RV Supply Chain Woes Easing

Above, The Beast at Mammoth Mountain RV Park. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Anyone who has been paying attention these past two years are aware of the supply chain problems brought on by the pandemic. That includes the RV industry.

It appears there is a "glimmer of hope" afoot in the RV industry as RV economists are saying that the supply chain problems are easing. RV Travel posted an article on this.

RV Travel begins with:

Last week, the RV Industry Association gathered a few outdoor industry economists in the manufacturing mecca of Elkhart, Indiana, for a panel discussion on supply chain issues.

These sorts of get-togethers are nothing new in America. During the pandemic, most industries held monthly hand-wringing sessions on Zoom and other internet platforms to go over the latest data and try their best to predict what would happen next.

Last week’s gathering in Elkhart was different only in that it was one of the first I’ve seen that offered a glimmer of hope to RVers who (pick one):

  • Have been waiting for several months for their new factory-ordered RV to arrive.
  • Have taken delivery of a new RV that had more parts missing than a discount Thanksgiving turkey.
  • Have waited impatiently to flush the toilet on their current RV because nobody has the required foot pedal to replace the one the kids broke.
  • Want manufacturers to take parts from the assembly line to fix recently delivered RVs with faulty bits and pieces.
  • Are ready to throw in the towel on their RVing lifestyle because they can’t keep their rig up and running with just spit and duct tape.
The list of woes goes on. But let’s get back to that glimmer of hope.

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