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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Day In Gallup

Above, wrapping up the day at the El Rancho Hotel restaurant.

Today was spent in Gallup taking care of business while Larry Lucier was having his physical therapy.

I had to go to the UPS Store to print off some forms for renewing my passport and other stuff that I let sit. Then I headed to the market to pick up a few things. After that, I headed to Gallup Coffee Co. for a hot mocha in downtown. 

Above the Historic El Rancho Hotel from across the street. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Following that, I took Larry to his bank and to the local dispensary, which is across the street from the El Rancho Hotel, where we ended up having dinner before heading back to Jamestown.

It was a little cooler out than it had been and windy. But it wasn't overwhelming. 

The average gas price in Gallup was $4.049/gallon, a penny less than the Flying J in Jamestown.

It wasn't a bad day. 

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