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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Above, the class before ours. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Tonight was the first hour long karate class that Amber and I attended.

To say it was quite a workout would be a gross understatement. Amber had her evaluation/orientation session (like I had several days ago) before the full class began.

Above, Amber kicking during her evaluation/orientation session. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The actual class began with stretching exercises and, from there, went into defense moves, punches, kicks and a whole range of stances to block an attacker.

By the time we were nearly done, I was drenched from sweat. This is the most workout since probably college when I took a conditioning class. I'm sure more than a few calories were burned away tonight.

Amber said I did pretty good (probably better than she expected) and is proud of me for pursuing this. Since Denise is taking up boxing, I figured I'd do karate. I've been thinking on taking it up for quite a while.

Above, Amber posted this after we were done. "Pops"?!

It is questionable if Amber can commit to a year's karate course due to her work schedule (involving 2 jobs). The school is willing to work with her to give her the instruction she needs to keep up, including private lessons. I hope she is able to attend, I really would like to have someone I know around. I am planning to stick with it. I like the staff.

My next session is this coming Saturday.

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