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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Japan - Land of the Rising Sun

Above, the sun rises at Atami. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The Courier (United Kingdom) has posted a new article on what travelers should do while visiting 
Japan. As they point out, Japan is an enigmatic country and one of many contrasts.

They begin with:
Japan - an ancient culture of emperors, fierce shoguns, samurais and brutal martial arts. Yet it’s also a place of gentle geishas, colourful kimonos, exquisite garden design and Zen Buddhism. 
How did a country so deeply rooted in such diverse heritage become one of the most modern and advanced economies on the planet? Having travelled there once, you’ll feel almost hypnotically drawn back to this truly enigmatic country.  
On a trip to Japan it is recommended to travel around and visit the greatly contrasting areas of the country. On one hand you will see many modern, bustling places that are full of new and exciting sights, whilst on the other you will visit peaceful and spiritual areas that are built on a very traditional Japanese culture.
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