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Friday, January 22, 2016

Japan's Hotels More Accommodating For Solo Travelers

Above, on one of my solo trips to Japan, I paid a visit to Toho Studios in the Setagaya section of Tokyo.

Up until last year, I have always traveled solo to Japan.

This did not present a problem for me as I know people in Japan and the people there are so friendly that I've never felt alone.

Last year, I traveled to Japan with my girlfriend Denise and her son Aiden (age 2). Since they've never been to Japan before, I was their tour guide. Apparently I did a good job as Denise just loved the trip. Plus, she has a very agreeable personality. Food-wise, we like the same foods and she has actually encouraged me to try different things. It was a joy for me to see her experience the country for the first time. She wants to go back.

But, if you should be a single person or there's just nobody available to travel with you to Japan due to work or other obligations, that's really no problem. There's advantages to traveling solo. You can wander around at your own pace, see what you want and eat the foods you like without a companion who may have a personality that weighs on you like a ball & chain.

Asia One has an article that may convince you to take a solo trip to Japan.

They begin with:
Traveling alone is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among the young. More people are opting for the freedom to trot off on a journey whenever they feel like it. Hotels and inns are taking steps to better accommodate the needs of solo travelers. 

To read more, go here

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