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Monday, January 4, 2016

Savvy Tokyo: "Tokyo's Top Five Shopping Districts"

Above, Ginza Crossing. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

When people vacation, one of the most enjoyable activities is to shop. This is especially true while visiting foreign countries. There are unique shopping districts offering goods that may not be available back home.

Savvy Tokyo has posted an article on "Tokyo's Top Five Shopping Districts".

The Ginza section of Tokyo is the most famous as it is also the most ritziest. But there are four other shoppng districts that visitors should check out.

Writer Linda Haberberger begins her article with:
Japan's capital is deservedly known as one of the world's shopping meccas, offering numerous vibrant and trendsetting districts in which you can find everything from the high-end to the offbeat, from subculture favorites to traditional crafts and vintage wares. Beyond department stores, the city has countless shopping streets—ranging from posh boulevards packed with flagship stores to back alleyways focused on a particular niche such as sport or vintage clothing—as well as some impressive malls. Read on for the low-down on Tokyo's five most popular shopping neighborhoods.
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