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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Brand-new Gianfranco Ties

Last week, I reported that I assisted Asya with a photo shoot she was doing on a new line of men's neck ties.

Those ties are now available at eBay!

According to the listing:
A variety of 1000 brand-new ties to choose from, coming in original transparent packages. Geometric and floral patterns in different colors available, light and dark: blue, green, violet, grey, brown. 
Each tie comes with a handkerchief. Italian fabric design, produced in the U.S. 
Each tie is labeled with Gianfranco label and Italy design label.
I closely examined the ties and they feel great to the touch.

Here's more of them:

Besides being great-looking ties, they are only $9.99! Where else can you get a tie and a handkerchief for $9.99? What a deal!

To order these fine ties to look terrific at the office or out on the town, go here.

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