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Friday, August 12, 2016

"Shin Godzilla" CGI Process Shown

Above, a shot from the video. Toho Co., Ltd.

It appears that the old-school "man-in-a-suit" Godzilla is history in Japan.

Shin Godzilla is boasting some state-of-the-art special effects that will, if used creatively and wisely, provide no limits to what Godzilla can do in the future.

RocketNews 24 has an article with a video with a behind-the-scenes look as how the new Toho Godzilla was created.

They begin with:
The King of the Monsters gets some help from masters of digital visuals. 
In a number of ways, the just-released Shin Godzilla (to be called Godzilla Resurgence overseas), is a throwback to the franchise’s older movies. Unlike later films where the King of the Monsters unwittingly serves as the protector of humanity, Godzilla is back to being a clear antagonist. His smoldering body seems like an obvious reference for the nuclear destruction he was originally a metaphor for. He has a neck again. 
Still, the production isn’t entirely old-school. Co-director Hideaki Anno may be a well-known fan of Japanese tokusatsu special effects shows (as displayed in the similarities to be found between fight scenes in Anno’s Evangelion anime and the Ultraman TV series), but that doesn’t mean Shin Godzilla was going to shackle itself by shunning CG visuals.

To read more and see the video, go here

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