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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Something Must Be In The Water

Regular followers of this blog are aware of my current "saga". Now, a friend is having his world being turned upside down by his girlfriend.

He posted:
fuck it.  looks like I'm SINGLE again, she pretty much brushed me off for the rest of the month...wtf. Old "guy friends" coming to town to spend the WEEKEND?? and I'm supposed to step aside??? wanna go get DRUNK with other "guy friends" at Horror conventions and Dive bars ?? and Im supposed to just step aside?? You put in YEARS with someone and they make "other plans" for every weekend in the month? the middle of summer? act like Im not supposed to care?? ..and Im supposed to just step aside?  wtf. really. wtf.  god dammit.

Then the clincher:
now I've gotten a Death threat from Her Father, on the phone... nasty fkng people
I suggested in a text message to him to call the police at once. Well, he immediately replied that the police just left. Good! That kind of crap shouldn't be allowed to stand. He told me that he's never met the father and he told me he said nothing threatening to the woman.

I don't know if he's dealing with a narcissist, but it really wouldn't surprise me. The part about putting "friends" before him sounds awfully familiar. Hopefully, he isn't and it is just a "normal" bad boyfriend-girlfriend breakup.

Has somebody spiked the water supply recently? Some women are just going bat-shit crazy! 


Jay! said...

I like it when they say "I think we should see other people." It means she's already seeing someone else or is planning to.

Tell your friend to get tested for any STDs he may have gotten from her as a result of her "wandering eye".

Armand Vaquer said...

That's one of the reasons to dump a cheater, because you'll never know where they've been and what they may be bringing home.

Also, trust is shot all to hell. You can never trust someone who has cheated. Definitely deal-breakers. - A.

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