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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Hot Bench" Reactions

The Hot Bench episode I participated in aired today. As I am on the road (I am in Elk City, Oklahoma right now), I haven't been able to view it. A friend made a DVD-R of it and is sending it to me.

But several people I know did view it and they sent me their reactions (via Facebook and email).

Here are some of the comments:
  • I think the female judges were very biased. You were very respectful and kept your cool even though I know there was a lot more you wanted to say. They would cut you off and you did not challenge them.

  • Let me be blunt with an old friend, OK? It was a living definition of the term Pyrrhic victory.

  • No engagement, no sexual relationship, etc.  Wow.  What a liar!  Her comments afterwards were about as ridiculous as could be.  MAJOR gold-digger! 

  • I was so transfixed staring at her in utter horror.  She has a major attitude problem.  And she is a bitch, pure and simple. I didn't like her at all before, but now I hope she becomes roommates with Hillary in the future.

  • Wow!  She was smirking and showing her true self in the post-interview. At least you came across well.

  • She kept a very blank face and was good in that regard IN the "courtroom."  She didn't completely deny the conversation about how the engagement came about, which gave her some credibility. She came across as not truthful about just being friends. The best thing she had going for her was not reacting much to what was said. Her answers though were sickening. No one could possibly think you were just doing all that you did for her to help her out as just friends.  At the end though, when interviewed outside, she showed her true side, and got sarcastic and smirky, and totally unrepentant. 

  • She came across as a total gold-digger in that post interview.  At least you maintained dignity throughout. Unreal! She should be so ashamed of herself!  If indeed she did tell her mom about you, I wonder if she ever told her dad, and if they will find out about this.

  • Too bad the real facts didn't come out.  Mail clerk, should have been spelled male clerk.  But she kind of made it clear what she is when she talked of her being at the gentleman's club. Yup, thanks for confirming what you are, Denise!*

  • This was spellbinding! Given the circumstances, you showed a lot of class. She showed no class at all! It is amazing you put up with her bullshit as long as you did. Has she ever apologized for everything she did to you?

  • You could've given her a very nice interesting comfortable life. But I have a feeling she doesn't deserve that.

  • She kind of slumps her shoulders but maybe that's because of those new big boobs you bought her.

  • Hi saw you on Hot Bench..you seem so nice..i was hoping you got everything you sued for..wanted to say im sorry you didn't.  I hate to see anyone taking advantage of someone..which she obviously did.

  • I recorded the show months ago and finally got around to viewing it. Too bad you had to go through this. You effectively branded her as a narcissist. Red flags are essential to bail immediately on someone or just have a very quick fling because they're hot. Red flags I learned that will make me bail immediately which I discovered after being heartbroken by my ex narcissist psycho bitch are:
-She told me right away, "I push people away."
-a million selfies that never stop. Ridiculous alone in car "photoshoots." Retarded.
-Loud chaotic alcoholic poor family.
-No father
-Every ex boyfriend is an ass hole "creepy stalker." Right, all of them?
- Revolving door of friends. No consistent girlfriends. Lots of male orbiters on Instagram though.
-Gave me WAY too much fuckin attention immediately. I.e. lovebombing.
-Is very angry at everyone else it seemed...oh but she was so nice to me, I must be the best lol
-She lied like crazy.

  • Hello you don't know me but I just saw the show on hot bench I think it was. I agree with you at 100% she was a Golddigger and I hope you're doing a lot better take care.  Watch out for the young ones cause more then not they are only looking for money/sugar daddy.  🙂

During our time on the show, I never resorted to lies because I didn't have to. The facts were totally on my side. She, on the other hand, had nothing to provide except lies. This is not surprising as she lied in Small Claims Court (on another case), to her family during the course of our relationship and probably also to her friends. As I've said before, karma will catch up to her in due time.

* Before the show, I was told that I could not say anything about her becoming a stripper or "exotic dancer" after we broke up. I didn't, she's the one "who let the cat out of the bag". 

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