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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

RV Travel: Full-time RVer safety

Personal safety is not something that I am overly concerned about while traveling. For one thing, I keep everything locked when I am not around and at night.

Also, I keep my 9mm pistol within easy reach and I've had gun training. My grandfather and father kept a "hogleg" with them while camping. I don't travel full-time. With gasoline now at $4.199 at the local Flying J, traveling is a bit cost-prohibitive even for short duration trips.

RV Travel has posted an article on full-time RVer safety. 

They begin with:

Some contemplating a full-time life on the road are a bit concerned about safety. They read about crimes and wonder—how subject to the criminal element are folks in RVs? If you sit around the campfire, sooner or later there’s some sort of RV “crime story” bound to come up. But if you push your source for specifics, often things seem to get vague. Yes, we have heard of actual incidents where travelers have run into trouble—but in reality, it’s a very RARE situation.

RVs are pretty hard to break into, compared to the common home. After all, in the dark of night, a big old house presents a lot of places to sneak in. Your little old RV is so small if somebody breaks a window, it’s sure to wake you up. Burglars don’t want to let you know they’re coming.

Too, robberies most often involve planning: the neighborhood mini-mart, the bank, the liquor store, somebody’s home known to have valuables or lots of dough. By our transient nature, as RVers, we’re a whole lot harder to work into a well-planned robbery effort. Also, for some reason, there’s a prevailing view of RVers that we all carry sawed-off shotguns around, begging for the chance to “make my day.”

To read more, go here

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