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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Safe RV Driving Tips

Above, The Beast at Petrified Forest National Park. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Whether one is an experienced RVer of several years or a newbie/novice, accidents can and do happen while on the road. When my daughter was learning to drive, I drummed into her head "speed & distance" constantly. This is especially necessary while driving a bigger and heavier vehicle where "stopping on a dime" is not possible. Speed is self-explanatory. Always drive at the speed as conditions warrant. Distance is between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you and the vehicle alongside of you.

Let's RV has a list of 20 safe RV driving tip that everyone who gets behind the wheel should be mindful of.

They begin with:

RVs are getting easier to drive all the time. But accidents still happen, even to experienced RVers. You can keep the rubber on the road with these safe RV driving tips for new RV owners to long-time nomads.

Whether you buy an awesome small travel trailer or rent an RV for vacations, you are still behind the wheel of a big, heavy vehicle that can do a lot of damage when things go wrong. Lots of RV driving practice, trip planning and cautious driving habits are the best ways to ensure safe handling of your supersized vehicle. For ultimate safety, consider going to RV driving school, and always follow our most essential safe RV driving tips for road trippers.

To see what their 20 safe RV driving tips are, go here

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