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Monday, May 9, 2022

WEF Now Suggest Seniors Off Themselves "For The Children"

The latest in kookery had been posted last week at Trending Politics.

They posted an article on the World Economic Forum video advocating that seniors "off themselves" (i.e., self euthanasia) due to overpopulation "for the children."

They posted:

In the height of hypocrisy of “for the children” the World Economic Forum is now complaining about overpopulation and/or suggesting that older people consider euthanasia “for the children”. In a video seen on Twitter full of geriatrics saying they’ve had a good life after explaining there’s too many humans on the planet. The video suggests that elderly folks who no longer are productive should opt for euthanasia. I’m certain children all over the world are thankful their grandparents will be suggested to off themselves for their benefit.

And while it is couched in “for the children” narrative, the truth of the matter is much more sinister. Christina Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund has been quoted as saying, “Old people live too long and this is a risk for the global community. What Christine is saying in effect is, unless you are a productive member of society your entire life, you don’t deserve to live. Christine, with her white hair, manicured nails, and designer clothing probably never worked a manual job a day in her life. She would like to tell our senior citizens who defended this country, grew our food, built machines and trucks, mined coal, drilled oil, and worked on the railroad that now that they are no longer useful, they should just die. It is psychopathy to look at a person who has worked 30, 40, 50, and sometimes even 60 years, at the end of their life when they should be enjoying the twilight hours left for them and tell them they just need to die because they are a drain on the global community.

You first, Ms. Lagarde! Or maybe I should say, "You go, girl!"

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1 comment:

J.D. Lees said...

Classic socialist morality. Social insects live like that. Bees throw the drones out of the hive once they are no longer useful. Ants slave for "the good of the nest" until they die. They fight and kill each other to get what they want, just like gangs and Antifa and BLM. They own nothing and are happy (?). The question: are you an insect like the left/Democrats see you, or are you a human being?

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