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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sen. Greg Smith and Other Conservatives Lose Primaries To RINOs

Above, Sen. Greg Smith of Kansas.

One has to sometimes wonder what drives the electorate to vote the way they do. Today is one of those times.

Kansas State Senator Greg Smith, along with several other conservative legislators, lost their primary bids last night.

According to the Wall Street Journal:
TOPEKA, Kan.—A top Senate leader and at least 10 other conservative Kansas legislators have lost their seats as moderate Republicans made GOP primary races a referendum on education funding and the state's persistent budget woes. 
Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce was among the lawmakers ousted amid a backlash against Republican Gov. Sam Brownback and his allies. 
Besides Mr. Bruce, the conservative senators who were unseated were Tom Arpke, of Salina; Forrest Knox, of Altoona; Jeff Melcher, of Leawood; Larry Powell, of Garden City; and Greg Smith, of Overland Park. All are allies of Gov. Brownback.

That is one of the reasons that I don't trust moderate Republicans. They would find any excuse to stab conservatives in the back during a primary or, failing that, support a Democrat in the general election.

Word has reached me that Smith's opponent, Dinah Sykes, ran a well-funded campaign (teacher's union money?). It will be interesting to see where her campaign contributions came from.

We are also seeing this on the national scale as moderates (RINOs) are backing Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Sen. Smith served his community and state well. I was proud to support him. I hope this setback is only temporary and that he'll jump back into the arena.

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