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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Story Behind The Aborted Death of George Reeves Comic Book

Back in 1993, it was announced by Eclipse Comics that the death of Adventures of Superman star George Reeves would be made into a comic book as part of their True Crime series.  Comics Buyer's Guide (CBG) carried the above advertisement (by Neal Adams).

The comic book would be illustrated by longtime Supergirl artist Jim Mooney with the cover rendered by Neal Adams.  I was looking forward to this comic, being a George Reeves fan.

Above, Neal Adams and Armand at last month's Comikaze Expo.

Unfortunately, the comic book was never published due to financial problems of Eclipse Comics.  The Jim Mooney pages never saw the light of day.

Lou Koza has the full story at The Adventures Continue website.  You can read it by going here.

By the way, Neal Adams will be appearing at the Long Beach Horror & Comic Con November 3 and 4 at the Long Beach Convention Center.  For details, go here.

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