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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

California's Loony Left Reputation Getting Worse

Each day that passes since I left California (i.e., Commiefornia) leave me thanking God that I was given the wisdom in seeing that there's better places to live.

The state has been going downhill for years and is only getting worse since the Democrats have essentially have in place a one-party government.

The lunacy is only getting worse in California. National Review has an article on the latest outrages that clearly illustrates how its loony left behavior is only getting worse.

They begin with:
In Oakland, the mayor warns illegal immigrants of an ICE raid, and a coffee shop refuses service to the police. 
Move over, San Francisco. Oakland, the city of 420,000 people just ten miles away on the other side of the Bay Bridge, has shoved you aside for the title of Loony Left Capital of the country. 
Hasta Muerte, an Oakland coffee shop whose name means “Toward Death” in Spanish, is refusing to serve police in uniform in order to show concern for the “physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves.” All over the country, coffee shops love to serve up coffee and doughnuts to cops knowing that customers appreciate the security their presence represents. But at Hasta Muerte Coffee, an employee-owned co-op, the message to the men and women in blue is: Take a hike.

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