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Saturday, July 7, 2018

AMAC Update


July 7, 2018 
AMAC - The Association of Mature American Citizens is now over 1,300,000 Members Strong!
The Left's Drumbeat of Hysteria Is Leading Toward Violence Against Conservatives

From - The Daily Signal - by Dennis Prager

Because of the ever-descending moral and intellectual state of the mainstream news media, there has been no outcry against the leftists who call President Donald Trump and all Americans who support him Nazis. Indeed, members of the media now regularly do so...
President Trump will be selecting a Supreme Court justice to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. What is the most important factor the president should consider when making his selection? (You may select two)
• Commitment to the Constitution

• Observing stare decisis (following Court precedent)

• Their experience as a judge

• Willingness to revisit or overrule Court precedent
Press Release
Alzheimer's Can Devastate Healthcare in the U.S., says AMAC

By - John Grimaldi

A cure for Alzheimer's disease does not exist and treatments are hit and miss. However, researchers are working overtime to find new ways to deal with the menace of dementia, according to senior advocate Dan Weber. Dementia, most notably Alzheimer's, is a leading cause of death among the elderly. According to the Alzheimer's Association it kills one out of three seniors. In fact...
National Security
Border Patrol Agents Battle Drug and Human Traffickers, While Being Vilified by Activists

From - The Epoch Times - by Charlotte Cuthbertson

Six days ago, Border Patrol agent Art Del Cueto arrested a Mexican national who had illegally crossed the southwest border in the Tucson, Arizona, sector. Del Cueto said the man told him, "You guys as Americans...
What Does PBM Stand For? In Ohio (and Elsewhere), It's Programs Bilking Millions

From - StatNews.com - by Scott Knoer

As the chief pharmacy officer of a major health system, I've been aware of the financial shenanigans of pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, for some time. These companies are supposed to help control ...
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