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Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Gallup Lions Club Rodeo Returns

Above, the bull riding event. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Last evening, I attended the 2022 Lions Club Rodeo (its 72nd year) at Red Rock Park near Gallup. It had been two years since the last Lions Club Rodeo as they were canceled due to the pandemic. It was great to have it back again. The rodeo continues tonight.

The rodeo consisted of barrel racing, calf roping, bull riding and other events (men's and women's).

Above, the Red Rock Park Rodeo Arena under cloudy skies. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The weather cooperated as it was expected to rain during the rodeo, but it didn't. The first monsoon storm tracked more to the east.

After arriving at the Red Rock Park Rodeo Arena, I headed over to the vendor booths to do some browsing. I saw some straw cowboy hats for sale. These were more stylish than the ones I usually see (on the plain side). I decided to get one for the summer as my Stetson leaves my head sweaty during hot weather. I have been looking for one and found what I liked. These kinds of hats are good for shielding from the sun as we are at 6,000+ feet above sea level in altitude. 

Above, the new hat after getting back home.

I got myself a barbecue beef sandwich and a Dr. Pepper. The sandwich was quite good and the price was reasonable.  

It was nice to have rodeo season begin in the Gallup area. Next week, we'll have the Bloomer Trailers Best of the Best youth rodeo at Red Rock Park. This is the time where it is fun to be living in this area.

Some photos from last evening's rodeo:

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