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Monday, June 13, 2022

Gathering At Denny's and Fuel Subsidy

Today started out with a gathering at Denny's at the Flying J.

My former neighbor from across the street, Bo, was in the Gallup area visiting his doctor and we organized a get-together at Denny's. Bo moved to Florida two years ago.

We must've been there for about two hours as we ended the gathering around noon. 

Below is the "commemorative" photo of the group. Missing is Roger Slape, who arrived later.

Above, from left, Bo Woodfill, yours truly, Larry Lucier, Greg Lucier, Russell Azbill and Victor Gomez.

After the gathering, I went to the post office to get my mail and found that my fuel or income tax subsidy rebate check from the state arrived. The check was for $250, which is half of the full amount. The other half, as I understand it, will come in August.

I will use this money to fill up The Beast for the trip to Durango, Colorado and Navajo Lake State Park when my ex-roommate Jessica comes for a two-week visit. It will take about that much to fill the 55-gallon motorhome.

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