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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Tucker Carlson On Red Flag Laws and Guns

Longtime readers of this blog are aware that an ex-girlfriend filed a restraining order against me several years ago. As part of that restraining order application, there is a provision which forced me to surrender my firearms. This is California's red flag law. 

She was accusing me of stalking her following our break-up. Never mind that I was imposed no-contact with her and actually was avoiding her. Her case fell apart in a court hearing when I presented evidence that I was actually avoiding her and she and her friends (flying monkeys) were stalking me. I got my guns back at some expense (getting an attorney to defend me).

Now, the Democrats and 10 senate RINO Republicans have come to a framework agreement of a gun control bill that includes red flag provisions.

Yesterday, Tucker Carlson on Fox News discusses why red flag laws are unconstitutional under the Fourth Amendment.

Here's the video:

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