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Thursday, June 2, 2022

A Day In Albuquerque

Above, breakfast at the Huwaka Restaurant at Sky City Hotel Casino.

Yesterday was spent in Albuquerque in order to bring Larry Lucier's bus into a repair shop to diagnose some minor problems with its wheelchair lift. Since Larry can't drive it, was the designated chauffeur.

Along the way, we stopped at Sky City Hotel and Casino for breakfast at the Huwaka Restaurant. Larry had never been at the restaurant and he enjoyed his breakfast as I did. I have been there several times during the past four years.

We got into Albuquerque at around 10:15 and proceeded to the repair shop. They diagnosed the problems and will email an estimate to Larry. Once he approves it, they will order the necessary parts and we will be heading back to Albuquerque to get the work done.

After that, we headed a few miles to Cabela's to browse around. They just got a new shipment of ammo in their gun department. I was looking for .38 special or .357 magnum ammo. The only one had was .38 special. They were boxes of  100 full metal jacketed bullets for $60. I was looking for hollow point and didn't want to spend $60 for something else. So I decided to wait until what I wanted is available.

We were looking at the new and used rifles and we spotted a 1969 vintage Winchester Model 94 30-30 lever action rifle. They wanted over $600 for it. I didn't feel it was worth that amount as it wasn't a pre-1964 rifle and the condition wasn't that great. My pre-1964 Winchester Model 94 (made in 1962) was a far better deal for under $600 (a superior rifle in far better shape) that I got three years ago at Ron Peterson Firearms. 

We then went to PetSmart and, following that, headed to Sadie's of New Mexico for dinner. Both of us requested take-home boxes as both meals were huge and we couldn't finish them there.

After Sadie's we got on the freeway to head back to Jamestown. We did stop along the way at the Route 66 Casino Hotel gas station/travel center for fuel. 

All in all, it was a good day that was diversion. 

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