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Monday, June 6, 2022

Why To Avoid Campsite Cancellations

Above, Lightner Creek Campground in Durango, Colorado. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Prior to two years ago, I never made a campsite cancellation. A friend came down with what we thought was COVID-19 just before we were to head up to Colorado for some camping.

I contacted the campground and explained the situation and they were good about it, but held the deposit money for when we could reschedule.

It turned out my friend didn't have coronavirus, but Legionnaire's Disease. Once that cleared up, we rescheduled the trip and I contacted the campground and rescheduled. The held deposit was applied to that.

RV Life says that campers should avoid campsite cancellations and gives several reasons why.

They begin with:

Much like 2021, 2022 is seeing a record number of people reserving (or trying to reserve) campsites. Reservations must often be made months in advance to be successful in state parks or national parks (or provincial parks if you are reserving in Canada). 

But who knows exactly what’s going to happen in life, months down the road? Nobody plans to cancel a campsite reservation, but life has its own way of making us change our plans.

With the pandemic, natural disasters, and all the other unpredictable life events, campsite cancellations can be impossible to avoid. Even with all that in mind, canceling a campsite can cause problems. 

There are a few great reasons to avoid campsite cancellations. 

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