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Sunday, July 31, 2022

10 Most Underrated National Parks

Above, Lassen Volcanic National Park's Devastated Area. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

When people think of national parks, they usually think of Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Great Smoky Mountains. There are plenty more out there that don't get as much attention or visitors.

Yahoo posted an article list of the ten most underrated U.S. national parks. Of the ten, I have visited two of them: Lassen Volcanic National Park and Petrified Forest National Park.

They begin with:

Whether you're exploring your home state solo, taking a cross-country road trip with friends, or embarking on a family vacation halfway across the country, visiting one of America's national parks is a great way to get some fresh air in the wide open while marveling at the natural beauty and wildlife all around you.

So, it makes sense that as travel picks up again this year, many Americans are itching to get out and explore more of these protected lands. According to a 2020 survey commissioned by the National Park Service, most survey respondents said the last national parks they visited were Yellowstone National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and Yosemite National Park.

But the truth is, there are so many other hidden gems across the U.S. that are ripe for adventure—and some of them you can traverse in just a day. So, if you're looking to beat the tourist crowds while exploring nature, be sure to add the following underrated U.S. national parks to your travel itinerary. 

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