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Saturday, August 4, 2018

"Catty Kamala" Harris

Above, Sen. "Catty" Kamala Harris.

California Senator Kamala Harris is a known left-wing wacko who "slept her way to the top" (she had an affair with married ex-San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown). 

She's also a catty woman who tried to get some deputy district attorneys fired over a training convention she attended.

According to one of the targets of "Catty Kamala":
We were putting on a training convention for a closed session of Department of Mental Health and the groups above that, with a very informal agenda and lots of questions by the attendees.   
It was a relatively light-hearted situation and when a smiling older man with white hair and good command presence showed up very late and was looking in to see if we were the right group he was supposed to be with, I looked up and asked with a big grin, "The hooker convention?"  He burst into laughter and said yes, that would be it.   
Everyone else in the room laughed, except for one person - Kamala Harris, who was then D.A. [of San Francisco].   
She also didn't like my partner's comments on the realities of mental health either, and complained of both of us to our office. 
We were backed up by people WAY above Kamala's pay grade at that time. The man I had made that [hooker's convention] comment to was the head judge of L.A. Superior Courts and he found us delightful, as did everyone else there, and Kamala was up against a stone wall trying to get us in huge trouble for that training.  I had figured pretty much correctly who the man was, and knew he would know it was anything but a hooker convention.  He was a great sport and the other people kept us two hours longer than we were supposed to be there, asking questions and invited us to help change the California laws.  I recall Kamala flying out of there in a snit.   
Everyone else took it in the spirit intended.  She was such a catty bitch about how she went on the attack, that she made a lot of people very unhappy with her over that incident.

Now she wants to run for president in 2020. Jeez! 

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