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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nomadic Fanatic & Campervan Kevin Stickers

There is one thing about the recreational vehicle community,most members are ready and willing to help out another RVer in need. Be it on the road, in a campground, an Internet forum or wherever, a fellow RVer will help out another.

In this case (or cases), two RVers were in need of a little assistance recently. Both of them have YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers. Each week, both post new videos on the events of their lives, generally good, but sometimes not-too-good events. They also provide ideas on attractions, campgrounds, boondocking, product reviews, technical tips and other topics while on the road.

The first one, Campervan Kevin, recently had a life-changing event: an impending divorce. Having been there myself, I can sympathize with him. To help out a little, I bought one of his Campervan Kevin stickers. He is no longer traveling around in a campervan, having just purchased a Big Foot Class C motorhome, in which he is living full-time with his three Yorkies. Kevin has been a very generous person as well. He helped the Nomadic Fanatic earlier this year when the Tioga motorhome ("Tilly") he was traveling in at the time was on its last legs in Florida. He donated an older Ford campervan to the Nomadic Fanatic to get him back on the road.

The second one, the Nomadic Fanatic, travels around the country with his cat Jax. He recently obtained a 1987 (I think that's the year) Tioga Class C motorhome (he named it "Olga"). About a couple of months ago, he began his latest cross-country trip from his home base in Olympia, Washington. However, he ran into a major problem while in the Bay Area of California: his transmission broke down. As he didn't have the funds to get the motorhome repaired and was about to be stranded, he asked his subscribers to purchase one of his stickers. Like Campervan Kevin, the Nomadic Fanatic's subscribers pitched in and bought a sticker (or more). Because of this, he was able to get the transmission rebuilt and he is back on the road. He is currently somewhere in Arizona at this writing.

The Nomadic Fanatic sticker arrived in the mail today along with a signed, personalized photo of him and Jax. Campervan Kevin also enclosed a signed, personalized photo with his sticker. I have to figure out where to put the stickers on The Beast. I may just get a board or something to display them. The photos and stickers are posted at top.

To access Campervan Kevin's YouTube channel, go here.

To access the Nomadic Fanatic's YouTube channel, go here.

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