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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Jack Larson Memorial

The Jack Larson Memorial was held this evening at the James Bridges Theater on the UCLA campus.

The program consisted of remembrances of Larson from members of his family and colleagues during his days as a writer, producer and playwright and through music. There were also stills and film clips of his acting days on the Adventures of Superman television show and more recently. One of the speakers, surprisingly, was actress Debra Winger (Urban Cowboy and An Officer and A Gentleman).

Another surprise, actress Kathleen Nolan (The Real McCoys) also spoke and she detailed her relationship with Jack.

Among the audience members, besides Denise Santos and myself, were Jim Nolt and his daughter Lisa, Stephanie Shayne, Ray Duke, Brad Shey, Mike Goldman, Jim Beaver, Jeff Breslauer, Gary Grossman, Mike Clark and several others.

Prior to the program, refreshments were served.

Following the Memorial, several of us went to dinner at the Smokehouse restaurant in Toluca Lake, where we met comedian Chuck McCann.

Accompanying this blog post are the pages from the memorial booklet that was given out to attendees.

As Jack was always there for us at events, we were there for him.

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