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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Hot Bench": Time Limit Is Almost Up

This coming Friday, it will be 30 days since I appeared at a taping of Hot Bench. Which means, according to an agreement all parties signed, that the Defendant must return the engagement ring (per the order) to me. Or, if the alleged missing engagement ring isn't found and returned, the show has to pay me for its cost.

Since I have not as yet received or heard anything from the show (not even documents stating what the judge panel's decision was) except my appearance fee, I sent the producer an email asking for the current status and what happens next.

The original Small Claims Court case that I filed was set for trial on October 12. Unless the show filed the Request for Dismissal with the court, and I receive a conformed copy of same, one can assume that the trial will proceed as originally scheduled.

Hopefully, the producer will get back to me by Friday with the status and future course.


Anonymous said...

when / where can we see your episode?

Armand Vaquer said...

I have not received any word on that. I asked a few days ago, but have not received a reply. - A.

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