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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Democrat Leaders Need To Stop The Mobs

The Looney Left Report

The tactics of the Left of harassing members of the Trump Administration, congressional members and supporters is becoming more frequent. These actions are nothing less than fascist mob tactics. 

Fox Business's Stuart Varney has an excellent video and article.

It begins with:
Maxine Waters famously encouraged her followers to harass anyone connected to President Trump. She said: “If you see anyone in a restaurant, department store, gas station, you create a crowd. Tell them they are not welcome.” 
That is exactly what the left did to two conservatives who are regulars on this program. Charlie Kirk and Candice Owens. 
They walked into a café in Philadelphia. Four Antifa people were already inside. Far-left people, shock troops – they got on their phones and organized a crowd. That’s right out of Maxine Waters’ playbook: create a crowd. Within minutes they were outside shouting about Nazis. The two conservatives paid their check, walked outside and were immediately surrounded by a hostile crowd. Someone emptied a bottle of water over Charlie’s head. Others blew whistles right in Candice’s face. It was ugly. White kids screaming about white supremacy at a young black woman, and black police officers. 
It’s time for Democrat leaders to lay down the law: step up and tell their violent supporters to knock it off. That would be the responsible thing to do. 

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