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Friday, February 14, 2020

Red Flag: Not Utah Too?!

It is getting so that our Second Amendment rights are are being threatened all over. President Trump mentioned this during his State of the Union Address last week.

Now it's Utah getting into the act.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune:
Two Utah lawmakers — one Republican and one Democrat — are preparing bills that would allow the confiscation of a person’s guns under court order, despite the sponsor of a similar proposal saying last week that it lacks the necessary support to become law. 
Salt Lake City Democrat Rep. Joel Briscoe and Woods Cross Republican Todd Weiler have both opened bill files dealing with extreme risk protective orders — also known as red flag laws — in which gun owners deemed a danger to themselves or others can be ordered to relinquish their firearms.

It is hard to believe that a Republican is sponsoring this. (This falls into the definition of a useful idiot.)

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