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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The GOP Civil War

We are less than a month away from a very important election. Yet, the candy-ass traitors of the Republican Party such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. John McCain and others would rather risk an all-out civil war within the party instead of being team players to defeat Hillary Clinton.

I have been politically active for over 44 years and never have I ever seen such disgraceful displays of party disunity in my life.

Right now, my positions in this are:
If Trump loses and we lose one or both houses of congress, conservatives should leave the GOP and re-register Democrat and take over that party to make it a Jeffersonian party again. Or,
Leave the GOP and after, hopefully, conservative leaders form a new party, I will join it. I've had enough with the establishment GOP leadership.
There has to be a major sea change within the next few days for me to remain in the Republican Party.

The 11-year-old recordings of Trump is nothing but a phony excuse by the establishment to undermine his candidacy. The real reason? They want Trump to lose, because if he wins, there will be a major shake-up in Washington, D.C. (go to the link below for the Rush Limbaugh Show).

We have a country to save, assholes!

To see what Rush Limbaugh thinks of the current state of affairs, go here.

UPDATE (10/12/16):

I have since cooled down a bit. I posted this late last evening on different threads on Facebook, including one of David Gold's:
The Republican National Committee should get Paul Ryan, Donald Trump John McCain and everybody else who's got gripes to sit down and work something out so that we can have a united party for the remainder of the campaign.

1 comment:

Gary said...

Armand we were played for fools by open borders Wall Street Elites who own almost every member of both parties.

The is no Democrat or Republican party. There is only the one Republicrat Party that serves the interests of their masters on Wall Street.

In the first debate Trump's mike was turned off in a debate run jointly by the GOP. In the second debate the former GOP chairman refused to allow the four Clinton rape victims to be seated in the Trump box.

The is no GOP.

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