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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Stop Extreme Gun Control Package

All the gun grabbers conveniently like to forget who’s on the other end of the trigger of all this “gun violence.” - James Woods.

On a party-line vote, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives Judiciary Committee passed a horrible gun control bill. It is heading to house vote as early as this week.

This bill must be defeated.

According to the NRA-ILA:

Late last week, the House Judiciary Committee rammed through an extreme package of gun control measures on a party-line vote. If this terrible legislation becomes law, tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners would be turned into felons and their lawfully-acquired property would be subject to confiscation by federal agents. Nancy Pelosi plans to bring this to the U.S. House floor for a vote this week. 

The bill, H.R. 7910, which was introduced and heard in committee in a matter of only three days, is a conglomeration of numerous other gun control bills.

The article goes through a litany of provisions.

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