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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels Under Attack

Above, three suspects of the attack at the Brussels Airport.

"The European leftist socialists have gone out of their way for radical Islamists. They've opened their countries' borders. They have said, "Come on in, build mosques, whatever you want to do. We love you! Please don't hurt us.'" Bam! Another assault bomb goes off, this time in Brussels." - Rush Limbaugh.

It has happened again and nobody seems to be getting the message.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported:
Cowering under desks and running for their lives, this is the terrifying moment passengers were caught up in an ISIS suicide bomb attack at Brussels Airport today in a series of blasts that have killed at least 34 people and injured 170 across the city. 
Witnesses described apocalyptic scenes with blood and 'dismembered bodies everywhere' after two blasts rocked the terminal at around 8am (7am GMT), killing at least 14 people and injuring dozens of others. 
Then 79 minutes later at 9.19am, at least 20 people were killed and scores injured, some critically, when a blast hit a Metro station just 400 metres from the EU headquarters in the city centre. 
At the airport, there were reports of a firefight between police and the attackers who shouted in Arabic moments before detonating their bombs, one of which was understood to contain nails. 
An unexploded suicide vest was later found in the rubble and a Kalashnikov rifle beside the body of a dead terrorist. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. 
These are the people who President Obama referred to as "second stringers" only a few years ago. Yet these "second stringers" have been attacking countries who have allowed "refugees" in. All in the name of "compassion".

Above, the aftermath at Brussels Airport.

That "compassion" is getting people killed. This is why that I would be very reluctant to travel to Europe. Until the U.S. and European nations start cracking down on ISIS terrorists wherever they are and boot so-called Muslim refugees out, more terrorism will happen.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3503928/Two-explosions-heard-Brussels-Airport.html


Gary said...

It is OPEN BORDERS. No more, no less. You cannot import people who want you dead.

Armand Vaquer said...

Exactly! The same thing will happen here. It is only a matter of time. - A.

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