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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Advising A RV Rental Newbie

Above, an El Monte RV rental lot in the San Fernando Valley. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

My "honorary sister" and her husband are renting a 25' Class C RV next month for their daughter's wedding in Idaho. They never rented a RV before and she asked for some of my "expertise".

There have been several emails going back and forth and more will likely come to me when things pop into my head.

So that what I wrote doesn't fade into the ether, I am posting them here for those who may be renting a RV for the first time.

They begin with:

Is El Monte providing you a walk-through to explain the systems? They likely will. So, during it, VIDEO it. It will come in handy. Ask questions. When you check the level, put the level on the bottom of the freezer for the best accurate reading.

[Unfortunately, there's no walkthroughs due to COVID-19, she said.]

The main thing when you use the refrigerator, make sure it's level when stopped longer than 30 min. Also, turn on the refrigerator 8 hours before you load it. If you stop longer than 30 min., just shut it off. Then turn it on when you're ready to get back on the road.

Do you have a Campground directory?

If you see a KOA Kampground along the way,  you can grab one there free. Camping World has Good Sam ones.

Make sure you get some latex gloves for when you empty the holding tanks. Even the best of us can have a mishap. I have. Yuck!

Empty the black water (toilet) first. Then the grey water tank (bath and sink water). The grey water will rinse the hose while emptying.

If you are dry camping (no hookups), electrical appliances won't work. A generator would be needed. Battery powers only the water pump, house lights and refrigerator (even with propane).

Hopefully, a water pressure regulator comes with the rig. Make sure you always use it. It goes on the rig's intake outlet and the water hose.

If you stay at a campground with hookups. Inspect all around before driving off. It would be bad to have everything outside plugged in and you take off without unhooking. It happened to Amber and me with the awning. Luckily I didn't drive far before another camper flagged us.

Regarding generators, mine runs on gasoline from the gas tank. It has to be above 1/4 tank to work. When it gets to 1/4 tank, it shuts off so not to strand me from running out of gas.

There's an outlet inside the compartment where the power cable is stored. It has to be plugged in to power the house with the generator. For a campground with hookups, that cable plugs into the campsite's outlet. Yours will probably be a 30 amp plug. It likely has a starter button inside the house. Easy-peasy! Beware, generators are noisy! So if anyone is sleeping nearby, you'll wake them.

The generator will power appliances (coffee makers, television, etc.) and your roof air conditioner.

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