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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Lujan Grisham's Attorneys Ask NM Supreme Court To Resolve Fines Issue

Japan was able to get cooperation of citizens and businesses for staying-at-home and lockdowns without the need of threats and fines. This was something that New Mexico's dictatorial shrimp Governor "Malevolent Michelle" Lujan Grisham should have taken a hard look at, but didn't.

Instead, she used threats, fines and her personal Gestapo, the New Mexico State Police, to coerce people into following her orders in lockstep.

A number of New Mexico businesses have filed suit against the governor's excessive $5,000/day fines imposed on businesses whose only crime was only to make a living and stay financially afloat.

According to the Albuquerque Journal:
SANTA FE – Attorneys for Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham are asking the state Supreme Court to resolve legal questions over the administration’s authority to issue hefty fines for violating emergency public health orders. 
The request comes after about a dozen business owners and companies accused Lujan Grisham of improperly threatening businesses with daily $5,000 fines if they reopen their businesses in violation of the health orders. 
The businesses filed a lawsuit – backed by the Republican Party of New Mexico – in state District Court challenging the fines. 
The Supreme Court issued an order staying the lower-court proceedings and asking the plaintiffs to respond to the governor’s petition by this coming Monday. The justices, however, haven’t decided whether to take the case. 
Lujan Grisham attorneys Matthew Garcia and Jonathan Guss urged the Supreme Court to step in now rather than let the lawsuit work its way through other courts, only to reach the justices eventually.
I hope the businesses are successful in their lawsuit against the governor's unconstitutional actions.

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