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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Bucking Bronco

Above, the new fuel filter. Photo byArmand Vaquer.

Yesterday, while leaving Six Mile Canyon, the Jeep started to hesitate at about the old corral outside of the canyon's gate. It ran fine while I was driving around the canyon.

From there, it started to buck like a bronco (the four-legged kind). I was barely able to limp home.

This morning, friend Victor came over and we checked out the fuel pump (it was okay) and the fuel filter. The filter had some black gunk in it. It was blown out as best as we could and took the Jeep for a test drive. It seemed okay, no bucking or hesitation. But I decided to head into Gallup to O'Reilly's Auto Parts to get a new fuel filter and some gas treatment.

After getting back home, I installed the new fuel filter and poured the gas treatment into the gas tank. I then headed to the Flying J to get my mail. The round trip went fine, no bucking or hesitating.

Later, I decided to drive up the hill and go around the Birch Road loop. That's where it started hesitating. I then headed back down towards home.

On my street, the bucking started and the Jeep wouldn't go far without stalling out. I called Nandoh to get a push (I was only 200 yards from home). Before he arrived, I got the Jeep started and made it home. I called him to let him know. He arrived and we looked the Jeep over, I started it up and it idled erratically. Nandoh said his Jeep had the same problem and it was a carburetor float needle valve that got clogged and had to be cleaned out. (Victor also mentioned this possibility this morning.) It is definitely a fuel issue, he said. It probably happened when the new gas tank was installed.

Since I have the mechanical ability only slightly better than brain surgery, I'll have to have it towed to my mechanic's in Gallup. Nandoh and I had to cut our visit short as we were being swarmed by gnats.

So, it's into the shop on Tuesday.

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