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Friday, June 26, 2020

Trump's Dilemma

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Rush Limbaugh had an interesting monologue today on the dilemma that President Trump is in.

One of them involves possible insubordinate generals who "may" refuse orders to go into the cities to restore order.

Another one is that in past years, 1965 and 1968 are two examples, governors and mayors welcomed the National Guard when they were requested by them to restore order. Such is not the case today. Many of these Democrat mayors and governors want the riots to continue and they aren't supporting their own police. Some of them are moving to defund the police. 

Here's a snippet:
But I tell you, Trump has really been hemmed in here by something that I don’t think a lot of people are giving enough consideration to, and that is the already expressed insubordination of the American military. 
These generals, Mattis to Milley to all these guys that have come out and basically disavowed anything to do with Trump to, say, the trip over to the church in Lafayette Park. They’ve made it clear, if Trump calls out the U.S. military to restore law and order, that they may not do it, that they may tell Trump to go take a flying leap somewhere. And he’s aware of this. 
So the worst thing he could do is, as commander-in-chief, is order these guys to deploy the military and have them say, “Screw you, Mr. Pres.” He’s gotta be really, really careful about this. He knows everything that’s stacked against him. And he knows the narrow path that he has to win reelection. 
RUSH: I’m hearing people say, “Rush, Trump’s gotta do more to stop the rioting. He’s gotta do more to step in there and stop this.” Yeah, I know. But, folks, in the past whenever this has been necessary, it was done by helping overwhelmed local and state authorities who wanted order restored in their states and in their cities. We don’t have that part of the equation right now. 
So it’s one thing to say, “Trump’s gotta stop the violence. He’s got to show leadership. He’s gotta move!” Well, if these lunatic governors do not want this stuff stopped, if the governor of Washington and the mayor of Seattle don’t want it stopped — and if Gavin Newsom doesn’t want it stopped in California and if that mayor in Detroit doesn’t want it stopped — and then Trump moves in there anyway? 
You know, that’s the big difference.  
In the past, when there was this kind of rioting and disorder and property destruction, even Democrat governors and mayors — Mayor Daley Chicago ’68 — wanted it stopped. They welcomed the arrival of the National Guard or federal troops. But that… What’s Trump gonna do?
Today's Democrats don't want it stopped.

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