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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Christmas Feed

This morning began as a typical Sunday morning for me.

Most of it consisted of doing laundry and changing the bed sheets. But after that, I was free to do whatever my mood at the time moved me.

It had been a while since I last gave Christmas some carrots. I bought a large bag of them the other day and gave her a half dozen of them.

She was at the opposite end of her pen and as soon as she saw me arrive in the Jeep (she recognizes it and gives it a good look whenever I drive by her pen), she came right over.

Speaking of the Jeep, since I put a can of Berryman B-12 carburetor cleaner into the gas tank, I have had no stalling or hesitation problems. Hopefully, that cleaned the carburetor needle valve so it won't stick.

Naturally, I took a few photos (some friends have literally asked me to post more horse photos).

Here's some of them:

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