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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Governor and Mayor Condemn New Mexico Civil Guard

So the governor of New Mexico and the mayor of Albuquerque want the New Mexico Civil Guard militia to "stay away" from protests and their presence makes protesters "nervous".

Well, it the governor, mayor and the police did their jobs right, the need to have the militia there to prevent rioting, bodily injury and property damage wouldn't be necessary. Tough shit, governor and mayor!

It is good that protesters are made "nervous", maybe then they will think twice before starting destructive trouble.

According to KRQE:
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – During Monday night’s protest, a group of heavily armed militia, who call themselves the New Mexico Civil Guard showed up. Protesters said their presence raises tensions and provokes violence and the mayor of Albuquerque and the governor want the group to stay away from protests. The New Mexico Civil Guard said they are armed to deter violence and protect counter-protesters but their presence makes protesters nervous. 
At Monday night’s prayer and protest against the Juan de Oñate statue, were about eight members of a heavily armed militia. “Why do you feel the need to be here?” asked a protester. 
“Second amendment,” replied a member of the Civil Guard. The Civil Guard is a group of people who said they are not affiliated with law enforcement or a political party but they’ve been present at a handful of recent protests in New Mexico which has caused unease among protesters.

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