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Saturday, June 13, 2020

While You Visit The Godzilla Slide, She Can Shop At A New Yokosuka Shopping Complex

Above, you can visit the Godzilla slide while she shops at a new shopping complex. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

When the coronavirus pandemic ends and there's no more cases, a trip to Japan would then be possible.

If one happens to be a Godzilla fan, a day trip to Yokosuka from Tokyo to visit the Godzilla slide at the Kurihama Flower World is a must-do. But if that fan is in Japan with a spouse or girlfriend and she couldn't care less about Godzilla, she can go shop at a new shopping and entertainment complex while the fan is savoring the Big G. (See? I am always looking out for ya!)

According to Stripes Japan:
A new shopping and entertainment complex near Yokosuka Naval Base has finally opened its doors after months of delayed openings due to COVID-19.

Coaska Bayside opened its supermarket in April, but the rest of the building’s 100 shops remained closed due to the State of Emergency declared on April 7. 
The rest of the 6-story complex, which opened June 5, features a large food court, clothing, home and cosmetics shops. The top two floors include various entertainment facilities like a movie theater, bowling alley and more.
The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan provides directions on how to get to the Godzilla slide at Kurihama Flower World.

To read more, go here.

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