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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Albuquerque Int. Balloon Fiesta Cancellation Reactions

Above, the Red Rock Balloon Rally. As of now, it is still a go. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The news that the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival is being postponed/canceled isn't sitting too well with many New Mexico citizens.

Several have voiced their displeasure over the news on Facebook.

Here's a sampling:
Oh of course. Lots of income for Albuquerque. 
Unfking believable that pesky fake flu is so smart people crowd up in the stores and protests but being out in the open field is bad what a joke. 
Oh but let them hold a violent protest – that would be just fine! 
Hey where are all the MLG lovers?? I guess y'all be happy about this bullshit. 
 Yep! Their little nazi governor is out of control. Let’s see how they like it when their taxes skyrocket. 
Last year the Balloon Fiesta brought in $180 Million to NM businesses, Its obvious MLG could not care less about the people of NM. 
Since Santa Fe cornered the market on hot air? 
Ridiculous for a virus that’s 99% curable. 
All that potential revenue...gone. 
There goes the single biggest revenue generator annually in this city. In this state, for that matter. I guess Gov. Lujan-Grifter will have to raise taxes. 
And here YOU New Mexicans have YOUR Governor "Diabla" who will completely and totally run new Mexico and ALL OF HER LEGAL TAX PAYING RESIDENT RIGHT INTO THE DESERT SAND!!! Just remember that those of you that DID put her into the governor's office are ALSO TO BLAME FOR THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO BECOMING A SOCIALIST STATE!!!! AND JUST LOOK AT THIS AGENDA!! SHE IS FOLLOWING THIS TO THE "T"!!! 
So Balloon Fiesta has been cancelled but people can still "mass gather" to protest for BLM and against police while destroying public and private property?
Makes sense.... 
SHE just keeps getting stupider by the day. And cancelling the biggest money maker in New Mexico, AFTER she has already emptied the surplus money that the state had BEFORE she was governor means that she will be wanting "OUR" President Trump to bail out New Mexico, too. I sure hope that ALL of you Lujan-Grisham lovers are really enjoying 'OUR" state be run right into the desert sand!!!

At present, the Red Rock Balloon Rally near Gallup is still on. It is generally held in December.

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