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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Democrats Want to Abolish the Police and Confiscate Our Guns

The Looney Left Report

As each day passes this year, the Democrats give us more and more reasons why they should never be given the reigns of power.

The Democrat Party is so radicalized that not even John F. Kennedy or Harry Truman would recognize it.

Now, the radical leftists who are in control of the party want to confiscate guns, thereby removing our rights of self-defense and abolish and defund police departments.

Sounds crazy, right? That's what they want to do and Breitbart has it all documented.

They begin with:
A radical, utterly sincere, and determined movement is on to abolish police departments. 
A radical, utterly sincere, and determined movement is on to confiscate our guns, to confiscate our right to defend ourselves. 
This is no accident. 
But first the facts… 
Links to mainstream Democrats calling for the police to be defunded, which will obviously result in the police being abolished, can be found hereherehereherehereherehere, and most especially here.
Links to mainstream Democrats like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others calling for — not just gun control — but straight up confiscation, can be found herehereherehere, herehereherehere, and here. 
Secondly, to those of you who think this idea of abolishing the police and the Second Amendment is insane and can therefore never happen, you need to remove your head from the sand. Here are some more facts… 
  • We went from zero to gay marriage in less than ten years.
  • We went from zero to drag queen story hour in about ten seconds.
  • The left is blacklisting us for referring to biological men as “he.”
  • The corporate media are now describing the burning and looting of cities as “political speech.”
  • This same media are describing peaceful protests by Tea Partiers and those ravaged by anti-science lockdowns as “dangerous” and “violent.”
  • Lego is blacklisting its own toys.
  • Drew Brees is now on his third 1984-ish public confession, a full-blown grovel tour, for the sin of expressing respect for the American flag.
  • Legions of white people are kneeling to ask forgiveness for something they had no part of.
  • Healthcare “experts” are telling us the coronavirus is lethal if you want to go to work, school, or your grandmother’s funeral, but not so lethal if you are out en masse to support “approved” causes.
The Democrat Party has been completely radicalized, emboldened, and is currently eating itself alive in the kind of cultish moral panic we have not seen since McCarthyism or the McMartin preschool scandal.
Everyone should read this and pass it on.

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