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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Diamond Lake and High Cascades

Above, The Beast at the Diamond Lake RV Park. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

During my 2017 Great American Eclipse trip, I headed into Oregon to the Crater Lake National Park Area. Since I didn't have any campsite reservations at the national park, I stayed instead at the nearby Diamond Lake RV Park.

The visit into the area was slightly marred due to wildfires in the area. A firefighter encampment was about a mile away from the RV park.

Still, the area was beautiful and Diamond Lake is a great place to visit. Beware! There was no WiFi during my stay and I found Oregon to have non-existent to spotty (at best) cell coverage from the time I left Idaho to Bend, Oregon.

The News-Review has an article on Diamond Lake.

It begins with:
The High Cascades in eastern Douglas County offer stunning beauty with mountains, forests, wildlife, waterfalls and some of the best high lakes fishing in the Northwest.
The biggest lake in Douglas County is about 80 miles east of Roseburg. Diamond Lake is known as the Gem of the Cascades and the 10,000 acre lake’s fishery is legendary. 
The area draws visitors from all over the world. Because of the close proximity to Crater Lake National Park, many people from around the country and from many other countries will stay at Diamond Lake and make the short 20 mile trip to visit the national park. 
“We, here at the lodge, have 41 cabins and 50 motel rooms,” said John Jonesburg, marketing and events coordinator for Diamond Lake. “And there are 100 summer homes on the west shore that are privately owned.” 
The resort has motel rooms, cabins, studio units, campsites and an RV park where visitors can make their home base to see the whole area.

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