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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Black Lives Matter = Marxist Uprising

Rush Limbaugh, during his show today, covered a lot of topics today (as he took yesterday off), but his comments concerning the desecration of monuments and the toppling of statues needs to be emphasized. Those desecrations are only minor steps towards the bigger goal of tearing down this country. 

They (ANTIFA and the Black Lives Matter organization) aim to tear down everything from national monuments and, incredibly, statues of Jesus Christ.

This isn't about the killing of George Floyd by the police. That initially was the excuse for the mayhem. It should be obvious to everyone by now.

He said:
It is a fabulous record to remind people of prior to the virus. It is overwhelming, particularly for African-Americans, it was through-the-roof great. The economy, unemployment, wages, all of that, something that is purposely being torn down. And I think, you know, the American people have a clear choice here, and it’s unlike a choice that they’ve ever had. This is not a choice between Republicans and Democrats. This is a choice between America, as founded, and bye-bye America, as founded. And that’s exactly what’s on the plate. That is not an exaggeration. 
It is abundantly clear, and it has been abundantly clear to me for years now, these people on the left, they have no interest in correcting what they think are America’s mistakes. They’re tearing down statues. They’re tearing down artwork. They’re tearing down anything with a link to the past in this country. It’s not because the past offends them. It’s because they’re getting ready to wipe out this country. They’re getting ready to totally scrap it and start again. They believe the country is irredeemable. 
Folks, it’s a bunch of Marxists. We find ourselves in this campaign not against Republicans, Democrats. This is the American people versus Marxism. It’s the American people versus communism. In stark terms, it’s exactly what we face here.
To read the full transcript, go here

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J.D. Lees said...

The interesting thing is that the Dems, rather than helping to try and rein in the violent mobs, are hoping to use the tumult to return to power in the Senate and the White House. But even if they succeed, they will only reap the whirlwind. Once this situation gets to a critical mass (and it is quickly growing to that because of a lack of push-back in the part of Democrat mayors and governors) there will be no stopping it. Mobs that have their demands met only become more demanding, and more violent.

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