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Friday, June 19, 2020

Roadtrippers: 6 Steps To Planning A Successful RV Road Trip

Above, The Beast in Seligman, Arizona. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

RVing for the first time? (Either your own or in a rental.)

There's a few things that newbies should know before heading out on the road to make that RV road trip a successful one.

Roadtrippers has an article on "6 Steps To Planning A Successful RV Road Trip".

It starts with:
When I bought my first RV more than a decade ago, it wasn’t because I loved camping. Rather, I was a dedicated roadtripper who spent all my vacation time driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the east, the Pacific Coast Highway in the west, or any scenic byway in between. As I entered my 30s—with a couple of babies in tow—I still desperately wanted to be a road warrior. However, I also wanted to bring some of the creature comforts of home along on the adventure. Enter the RV road trip. 
Why road trip in an RV rather than a car?
Eleven years after that first RV purchase I can say the big bet paid off. My family has spent hundreds of days roadtripping around the country exploring national parks, historical landmarks, kitschy roadside attractions, urban destinations, and beach resorts. Here are the reasons why I choose to plan RV road trips more than any other type of travel.
Above, the Roadkill Cafe in Seligman, Arizona, a kitschy diner (they do have good food). Photo by Armand Vaquer.

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