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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Heard From CNN

My blog post on yesterday's shooting in Albuquerque has been an attention-getter. From that post, it led to an earlier post on the formation of the New Mexico Civil Guard.

The most interesting one was by a reporter from CNN, who asked me:
Hey there, 
  Saw that you shared a post about forming the New Mexico Civil Guard.

  Wanted to know if you were part of the group or knew someone that we could get comment from about what happened yesterday? 

Since I wasn't in Albuquerque and my only involvement with the New Mexico Civil Guard is a follower of their Facebook page.

I did refer him to Mike Harris, who is a member and who was also at the fracas. 

1 comment:

A Patriot said...

From what little I've seen, the NMCG should be disbanded

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